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Blogging, reading and creating on Yoors.

Yoors is a unique, creative community where you can find bloggers, readers and creators in all kinds of fields, such as art, music, photography, nature, writing and many other subjects.

What is Yoors anyway?

In a nutshell

- No advertisements, but income through various tools that you can use
- No data trade, but privacy and ownership
- No censorship, but freedom of speech, if respectful.
- No users, but members, respect and involvement
- No fake, but real life and real reactions
- No filter bubble, but transparency
- No addiction-oriented platform, but influence on development
- Not a number, but human to human
You will be rewarded for your contributions with Yoors Points ( YP ).
Yoors Points can be used as an investment in your posts or in the other bloggers, readers or creators and you can also have them paid out.
You can participate in various Challenges on Yoors that are held regularly. 

The blogs below contain the full information on what Yoors is and what it is all about. We also refer you to two podcasts that you can listen to about Yoors.

Topics you can follow on Yoors. Click on the image and you will see everything about the chosen topic. You can also search for any keyword on Yoors for various blogs.